Blog: Emily speaks about her role in our Futures in Mind service

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Hi I’m Emily, a Psychology student at the University of Essex, who is on a placement in our Futures in Mind service. I would like to tell you a bit more about the service and what it provides as well as a bit about what I do.

The service provides support to people with mental health issues and/or drug and alcohol misuse. We support our clients by running peer support groups and providing one-to-one work. We also run different project such as the Essex Wildlife trust project which brings service users out in the nature where they do different activities centered towards wildlife preservation.

No two days are the same in my placement. My role is very varied and every day I learn something new. I typically go out and support different groups within the Mid and North East Essex area. During the groups I facilitate conversation amongst group members or talk to service users who are having a difficult time. I also do wellbeing risk assessments and volunteer interviews with new clients or volunteers. In addition, I help around the office and work with the service database. I will also do one-to-one work soon where I will be helping clients to reach their goals.

I love my placement because I am part of a service which is centered towards helping people. I can really see the impact of mine and my colleagues’ work on our clients. A lot of our service users say that our groups keep them well and help them to live a better life. Some of our clients say that our groups are the only thing they leave the house for. I think that is fantastic as the positive impact on our service users is clearly visible. My placement is very rewarding and it really makes me feel like I am making a difference to people’s lives. Sometimes something little for someone means a lot to someone else.

Emily 🙂 


Futures in Mind is a partnership of Phoenix Futures, Mind in West Essex and Mid and North Essex Mind. Together we support people with substance/alcohol misuse and mental ill health. We offer an inclusive approach to recovery and some great opportunities for you to develop skills, meed like-minded people, build confidence, gain qualifications and make further positive changes to improve your quality of live. We offer things like peer-led activities, befriending, mentoring, training and volunteering.

If you would like to find out more about service, please visit the Futures in Mind website or call us on 01206 764600.