Blog: Janet – My Life in Poetry. How writing poetry has helped my mental health.

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Janet, My Life In Poetry


Please let me introduce myself,

So, Janet is my name,

Yes I like writing poetry,

For therapy, not fame,

I write about both good and bad,

My failures, hopes and fears,

I write about my mental health,

My pain, my dread, my tears,

My poems help me open up,

Explain what’s inside me,

My anxiety disorder,

My fight with BDD,

It lets me release emotions,

Helps me to clear my mind,

So I end up feeling better,

I leave my stress behind,

I also write about my faith,

My friends, my family,

About my loves, about my hates,

What means the most to me,

I so hope, you like my poems,

With you I will then share,

For in giving them to others,

It shows how much I care.


As my poem says my name is Janet and poetry is an important part of my life and therapy. I have struggled most of my life with an anxiety disorder, depression and more recently BDD (Body Dysmorphia Disorder), all of which have had a significant impact on my life, though I am living with them. I hope by sharing my poetry with others that I can raise awareness for mental health issues and show others the way I deal with my issues.

In my poetry I also talk about other things that have helped me in my battle, my faith (I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses), my family (my husband Nigel and twin daughters Sarah and Caroline), my friends and indeed anything that lifts my spirit from my pets to the beauty of nature. Putting my deeper and darker thought on paper really helps me and I hope it will help you too.

I have recently published my book, “Janet, My Life In Poetry”, if you are interested in purchasing this colourful and eclectic collection of poetry, it is available for £6 through eBay, Foyles in Chelmsford, Red Lion Books in Colchester or through my Facebook page “Janet, My Life In Poetry” – all profits from the sale of the book go to charity, “The Friends of Edith Borthwick School and Eyesight 4 Eli.

Best Wishes



Janet Fost will be attending our Futures In Mind Manningtree Welcome Cafe on Thursday 12th April to read some of her poetry.