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Complaints Policy and Procedure


  1. Mid and North East Essex Mind is committed to ensuring that its work is of the highest quality. We believe that through effective management and investigation of comments, compliments and complaints we can identify learning to achieve high quality work and continuous improvement as an organisation.


  1. The following principles underpin our approach to handling comments, compliments and complaints:
  • we recognise that comments, compliments and complaints are an important part of client and customer feedback
  • the procedure is fair, easy and as transparent as possible
  • the process is accessible to all 
  • making a complaint will not harm or prejudice the service that is given to the complainant
  • concerns and complaints are dealt with efficiently, appropriately and are investigated within the agreed time frame
  • complainants are treated with respect and courtesy and receive appropriate support throughout the handling of the complaint
  • complainants receive a timely and appropriate response, identifying the outcome of any investigation
  • action is taken where necessary in the light of the outcome of the complaint. This might include an explanation or an apology and if relevant and appropriate, information on any action taken
  • learning from complaints will be used to improve our work and drive forward a culture of continuous improvement
  • every effort will be made to ensure anyone making a complaint understands the outcome of their complaint.


  1. If you have positive comments about our work or how we have helped you, please email feedback@mnessexmind.org  so we can track that feedback and act on it where necessary. 


How to Make a Complaint  


  1. To make an initial complaint (Stage 1), please speak to or email the individual(s) concerned or their line manager and we will endeavour to satisfy your complaint and let you know of any remedial action that is to be taken. 


  1. If you don’t know who to contact or do not wish to contact the individual involved, please email enquiries@mnessexmind.org  If you wish to make a complaint about how we hold and use your personal data please refer to the Privacy Policy or email feedback@mnessex.mind.org If you have a complaint about the CEO please email the Chair of Trustees at chair@mnessexmind.org 


  1. All complaints will be acknowledged within three working days from the date the complaint is received. 


  1. In order for us to resolve your issue to the best of our ability, please include as much detail as possible regarding your complaint, including any relevant communications or documentation.   


  1. There are three stages to the Mid and North East Essex Mind complaints procedure. 


Stage 1  Informal 


Report to team member


  1. In most cases a complaint will be resolved at the time by the person receiving the complaint. If this is not possible the complaint will be escalated to a manager. Examples include complaints which: 


  • cannot be resolved at the time by the team member
  • relate to poor practice or professional misconduct by a worker or volunteer
  • relate to shortcomings in the service provided. 


  1. The manager will acknowledge the complaint in writing or by email within five days and provide you with a copy of the Complaints Policy. 


  1. The complaint will then be investigated and where possible resolved.  You will receive a written response  within 28 days of the complaint being raised. 


  1. If you are not satisfied with the response, you are entitled to appeal by responding in writing or by email within 14 days


  • Upon receipt of an appeal the complaint will be referred to Stage 2. 


Stage 2 


  1. The complaint will be passed to an appropriate manager for review and further investigation. A written acknowledgement will be sent to you within seven days with an outline of the process that will be undertaken and who will be involved. 


  1. The complaint will be independently investigated you will receive a written response from the manager within 28 days. The outcome of the complaint will be reported to the Senior Leadership Team. 


  1. If you are still not satisfied with the response you may appeal in writing or by email within 14 days


  1. Upon receipt of your appeal the complaint will be referred to Stage 3. 


Stage 3 


  1. At Stage 3 the complaint will be passed to a member of the Senior Leadership Team for review and further investigation. You will receive a written acknowledgement within 14 days with an outline of the process that will be undertaken and who will be involved. 


  1. The complaint will be re-investigated and a response provided in writing from the investigating manager within 28 days.  


  1. The outcome of the complaint will be reported to the CEO and to the Board of Trustees. If the CEO decides that the complaint has been fairly settled or that the complaint is lacking in merit or substance the complaint may be dismissed and you will receive a written response advising you of the reasons for the decision. 


The Role of the Board of Trustees 


  1. If the complaint is about the CEO the complaint will be passed directly to a member of the Board of Trustees. 


  1. Investigation by a Trustee will follow the same process as outlined above and the outcome reported to the Chair of Trustees. 


  1. If at the end of this process the complaint is still not resolved the Trustee will make a report to the Board of Trustees and they will consider if any further action is necessary. 


  1. At this stage you may request access to the complaints procedures of the relevant funder where appropriate or if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a Data Protection complaint you may report it to the Information Commissioner’s Office here  Make a complaint | ICO


Records of Complaints  

  1. Please be aware that as part of our commitment to quality standards and in line with data protection requirements, written records of all complaints are kept and stored confidentially for a minimum of seven years. They will then be disposed of confidentially.   

 There may be exceptions to this where there are specific contractual or legal requirements for keeping records. Please ask us about this if you have any concerns. 



  1. Compliments are always welcome.  With your permission we would like to be able to share your compliments anonymously for use in our marketing materials and with our commissioners.


Senior Leadership Team Contact Details  

  1. If you are unsure about who you need to contact, please call us on 01206 764600 and we will be able to advise you, or you can write to us at the address below: 



Head of Service Operations

Head of People & Culture

Head of Partnerships & Development

Head of Income Generation & 

Head of Finance & Compliance 


Mid and North East Essex Mind  

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