‘Hello’ by Jobie Baker is released today

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Local musician Jobie Baker today releases his first solo single ‘Hello’. The single has been written in loving memory of his grandmother Margaret and in response to the terrible attacks which happened in the UK and abroad earlier this summer. The song is available to download free of charge on Soundcloud and Jobie is asking anyone downloading the single for donations to us via his fundraising page.

Jobie experienced a lot of anxiety as a teenager which had a huge impact on him as a performer, following counselling Jobie is now able to enjoy singing again and now fronts the band Reno & Rome. ‘Hello’ is his first solo venture, through this he has chosen to support our valuable mental health services across the area to children, young people and adults.

Jobie said ‘I never thought I could worry about worry itself, but it’s possible! I have suffered loss, self-doubt, low self-esteem, feeling of lack of worth and many other day to day feelings that everyone can relate to. When I came out as gay to my friends and my family, the fear and confusion flowing through my mind was almost unbearable. This is why I’m here. To show anyone that suffers from any spectrum of mental health issues, that you aren’t on your own and that it’s okay not to feel okay and that you can achieve anything you want and be whoever you want to be’

We would like to pass our sincere thanks on to Jobie for choosing to support us.