Support Time and Recovery Service

If you are an adult living with a mild to moderate mental health problem and need information, advice and practical support to get help from other local services and organisations our free Support Time and Recovery Service (STaRS) is here to help.

STaR workers work with you and other local organisations to make sure you can get the help you need with things like housing, debt and finance problems, how to job seek and where you can go to volunteer. They can also introduce you to groups and activities local to you if you are feeling lonely and isolated.
They are there to help you for a short period of time and will get an action plan in place with you as soon as you meet them. They will arrange to visit you to meet you in the community if needed and can also support you on the phone.

How to get help from the STaR service

You can get help from the service through Health in Mind* so you’ll often hear our STaR workers mentioning that name. You can call Health in Mind yourself or ask your GP to refer you.

If you live in north east Essex the number is 0300 330 5455.

If you live in mid Essex the number is 01376 308704.

You can also refer yourself online – visit the website to find out more.

Download our leaflet on our STaR service

* Health in Mind is what a GP may refer you to if they think you can benefit from the support it manages. If you want to understand a little more about Health in Mind, please visit its website.

The STaR service also runs it’s own friendship group.