One-off donation

You can donate to support us today by credit or debit card. Choose from one of the options below or choose your own amount to donate. The money you donate stays in mid and north east Essex to support and grow our mental health services.

£3 could pay for some craft materials for use in a session with a child to help them express and work through any negative emotions they may be feeling.
I would like to give £3

£10 could pay for a book for a young person struggling with their emotional wellbeing to help them explore their worries.
I would like to give £10

£28 could pay for a Support, Time and Recovery worker to meet someone for the first time who needs help with a practical issue they’re facing, like worries about debt and managing their money.
I would like to give £28

£61 could pay to run one group session in the community where people finding it hard to get out and about can come together, support each other and make friends.
I would like to give £61

£76 could pay for three sessions of counselling for someone feeling worried and low, helping them to talk about the things that might be making them feel that way and to find ways to cope themselves.
I would like to give £76

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