March Appeal: Open letter by Emily

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Monday 23rd March 2020 is a date that many will always remember. That day, a whole year ago now, turned the lives of millions of us upside down.

My name is Emily. Through donating to Mid and North East Essex Mind, you helped many people to get support when we desperately needed it in recent months.

At a time when the UK’s mental health services were already stretched, the events of the last year have pushed more and more people to breaking point. So many feel alone, unsure of where to turn for help and I want to change that.

In this letter I share my story, so you can see how important the work at Mid and North East Essex Mind is in your local community.

My story

Prior to the lockdown I was receiving face to face therapy twice a week. Having experienced trauma and abuse in my life, building trust takes a very long time.

So when my face-to-face therapy suddenly stopped without any warning or planning, and my therapy moved over to telephone and video calls, my mind was overwhelmed. I was scared, lost and confused.

I was confined to my flat, on my own. Normally being busy would distract me from intrusive anorexic thoughts, flashbacks and thoughts of taking my own life. It would give me a way to stay well and focused.

My local Mind were incredible throughout. But there are thousands of others out there who still need that support. Mental health does not discriminate; anyone of any age, gender, background, faith or culture can be impacted by a mental health problem in their life.

Challenging times

With so many changes being forced upon so many – financially, emotionally and physically – people not previously affected by a mental health problem before this pandemic are now at risk. They might be struggling to cope with the loss of loved ones, jobs and livelihoods.

Many will have lost access to the support networks they relied upon, while being kept apart from those special people in our lives who keep us going.

Please do donate to Mid and North East Essex Mind if you can. You can donate here.

Thank you for reading my letter and my story. If you can help others find the support they need by making a donation today – please, please do.

Yours sincerely,


For more information about how Mid and North East Essex Mind can support you, please visit our ‘How we can help‘ page.