Mental Elf Hunt 2020

Whats the story?

All of Santa’s Elves have been social distancing because of Coronavirus and Santa doesn’t know where they are! Can you help him find them and spot all the mischief they’ve been up to during lockdown?

It appears they have mixed up the letters of a Christmas word; can you find and unscramble all the letters to find the special word?

Get the children out and about this Christmas time and look for our 10 cheeky elves; exercise and laughter are great for everyone’s mental wellbeing, children and adults alike!

You can choose to hunt for our Elves in Colchester Town Centre, which you can take part in now or Braintree Shopping Village which will be available when stores open again on 2nd December 2020.

How do I take part?

Simply register for the hunt below making sure you choose your preferred location, and your clue sheet will download automatically and will help guide you to the Elves and find the letters for the Christmas word.

You can choose to make an additional donation to our charity if you wish at the checkout, or you can even get sponsored by friends and family to take part! Create your own Just Giving page or download our sponsor form.

Register here

We are encouraging you to take ‘Elfies’ on the way and tag our social media pages @mnessexmind

Email a photo of your completed clue sheet with the correct Christmas word to us at  and you will be entered into our prize draw to win a fabulous prize, kindly donated by Ace Comics.

*if you would like to take part in both hunts in Colchester and Braintree Village, please add both locations to your checkout ‘cart’. There will be a different clue sheet and Christmas word to find on each hunt!