Guest blog: Mind Matters books now available

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Books by me (the author Justin Johnson) that promote health and vitality are now available on Amazon.Photo of Justin

It’s all about the inspiration and getting the message out their to support others.

My books include:

  • Mind Matters: Mental Health & Well-being/Vitality
  • The Mind Matters ii: Nursing Mind Matters
  • Criminal Minds Matter: Law society

Mind Matters: Mental Health & Well-being/Vitality is focused on mental health and well-being, health and nutrition. It explores how our mind works and what causes chemical imbalances.

The Mind Matters ii: Nursing Mind Matters is based on nursing. Looking at mental health in the workplace and what colleagues can do to support one another, the book outlines how to focus on vitality.

Criminal Minds Matter is a Law Society based book, with Media Studies. It looks at broadsheet newspaper and tabloid newspaper articles based on evidence and arguments, and then crimes and sentencing within a Magistrate Court.

Many people suffer from Mental Ill health, some have been suffering from birth with a diagnosis and others formed from intoxication. Each and every one deserves salivation & support some of us need to make sacrifices of friends and social circles that don’t bring to your table of salvation but rather then to have you suffer all the more. I really hope this book can give you a different outlook, mindset to life, as you deserve change, a second chance at life.

People’s kind words about my hard work really and truly is what makes the world go round.

By Justin Johnston


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