Creating hope through light for World Suicide Prevention Day

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World Suicide Prevention Suicide Day is on Saturday 10 September and aims to help prevent and reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts globally.

Beacons of green light will shine out across Essex this weekend as landmarks across the area join the campaign to encourage us all to think about how we can support suicide prevention.

In Essex alone in 2019, 111 people took their own life. On Saturday 10 September 2022, organisations, people and communities across Essex are lighting up buildings and landmarks green, the colour of the world suicide prevention campaign, as part of the ‘Creating hope through light’ event.

Colchester Town Hall and Colchester Castle will be going green for the event, and we’ll be putting up some green decorations of our own here at Mid and North East Essex Mind.

The campaign is a joint initiative from Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System and Thurrock and Brentwood Mind and is part of their #LetsTalkAboutSuicideEssex campaign. It’s aimed at reducing the stigma around talking about suicide and encourages people to take the free online suicide prevention training, as well as highlight other mental health resources available in mid and south Essex.

Ways to get involved

Light up green

Could you light up your offices or even add some green fairy lights to the window of your own home? However you create hope through light, you may be seen by someone who really needs to know they are not alone.

Take the Free 20-minute suicide prevention training

Visit the Let’s Talk About Suicide Essex website to take the training today.

Support the campaign on social media

You can join in online by sharing your images and videos of your lit up spaces. Don’t forget to tag us in Let’s Talk About Suicide Essex (see below links).

Instagram @talksuicideessex

Twitter @talksuicidesx

Facebook @letstalkaboutsuicideessex

We will be taking part by using the hashtag #CreatingHopeThroughLightEssex and hope you’ll join us.

Reach out for support

If you’re struggling, we’re here to help. We believe nobody should face a mental health problem alone. You can find out more about our services today or please call us on 01206 764600.