Leave a gift in your Will

Some people think only the rich and famous leave money to charity when they die. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The reality is that without gifts left in Wills by people like you, many charities wouldn’t even exist.

Gifts in Wills our vital in helping us to continue our work. You don’t have to tell us if you’ve left a gift to Mid and North East Essex Mind in your Will but if you would like to tell us it gives us the opportunity to say thank you. If you want to let us know please drop the fundraising team an email on fundraising@mnessexmind.org or call them on 01206 764600, we will of course keep the information confidential.

What’s next?

Whether you are making a new Will or updating an existing one, we recommend you speak to a specialist legal advisor. They have the legal expertise to clearly express and carry out your wishes.

I already have a Will. Is it difficult to change it?

Many people decide to change or alter their Wills. If the changes are simple and straightforward this can be done by way of a Codicil – a legally binding document, supplementary to a Will, which is executed with the same formalities as a Will, and adds to, varies or revokes provisions in the Will.

If the changes are major it is likely you will need a new Will. As the addition of a Codicil will affect the contents of your Will we always recommend that you seek professional legal advice.

What if I change my mind?

You are of course always free to change your mind about your gift. You can amend your Will, or add a codicil, at any time.