Time to Change Blog: We are on a mission to end stigma, judgement and discrimination – by Liz Rotheram

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My name is Liz, I am a Time to Change Champion and I am the founder of Heads2minds, which has just recently been awarded charity status. I was diagnosed with Bipolar back in 2003 and have been sectioned numerous times, lost friends and jobs due to this diagnosis.

The plan is to walk up Snowdon with a group of seven girls to raise awareness for Mental Health and reduce the stigma that we all face in this world. These girls are have all experienced trauma and mental health issues and are complete strangers joining together about a subject close which is extremely close to all our hearts

We are called ‘The Supercharged Squad’, are all on a mission to end stigma, judgement and discrimination and prove to everyone that no matter what you go through you CAN, and WILL get through it.

The above photo is two of the squad raising the flag for Time to Change, we will be using this banner when we reach the top of Snowdon so watch out for the blog about our journey up there and finishing position.  This adventure was due to take place last October on World Mental Health Day but had to be postponed due to Covid-19 so the new date is May 2021.

I have faced stigma and discrimination for the last 16 years which has caused me to hide from the public, lose my confidence and put up a mask

We need to end this NOW, everyone has Mental Health as we all have minds, emotions and feelings that affect our behaviour. We shouldn’t need to apologise for how we are and we should all be able to stand proud, speak our truth and be confident in who we are.

I want to encourage people to become ‘Time to Change champions’ and speak out about how you feel, become empowered and be your truth self.

Over the last 8 months, it has been a truly challenging time for all of us and Mental Health has increased for everyone, now more than ever we need to join in this social movement to make a difference and change people’s perceptions about Mental Health.

I complete inspirational talks in schools, colleges, universities and companies to help make a difference and educate people about Mental Health, if we all join we can really help make a change in this world…