Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Training


About this training

5.5 hours

Face-to-face or virtual delivery

This course is aimed at those who manage others and provides some practical tips on how to support a colleague who maybe experiencing mental health issues.


Course outline

Introduction to Mental Health

  • What is mental health?
  • The mental health continuum
  • Understanding stress
  • Understanding common mental health problems
  • Causes of mental health problems

Mental Health in the Workplace

  • The impact of poor mental health in the workplace
  • Sources of stress and drivers of mental health at work
  • Mental health and the law
  • Barriers to mental health support at work
  • Understanding the role of stigma

Looking after our own Mental Health

  • Managing stress
  • 5 ways to well-being (how to stay in good mental health)

Supporting Others

  • Recognising the need for support
  • How to have compassionate conversations
  • How to signpost someone to support
  • Wellness Action Planning at work


How to book training

To book this course please call 01206 764600 or email


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