Update from the Time to Change Campaign

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The East Essex Time to Change Hub are pleased to announce 2 PROJECTS which were successful within the first round of applications.

These creative projects have come up with some fantastic ideas to engage the community in discussions, challenging mental health stigma and discrimination.

The successful projects include:

  • A book launch with a networking activity encouraging conversations about mental health
  • A public engagement activity for Time to Talk Day in a shopping centre with an evening quiz in a local community centre

Some really great projects to get talking about mental health, well done everyone!

Time to Change Champions Fund in East Essex – 2nd Round

The SECOND round of the Champions Fund is now open with the closing date of 11th November 2019.  Applications forms and guidance can be found below.

Once completed the form should be emailed to TTC@mnessexmind.org or posted to Mind Head Office, The Constantine Centre, 272a Mersea Road, Colchester, CO2 8QZ. For any enquires regarding the Champions Fund or assistance with completing the application form contact Tricia Berhardt  T.berhardt@mnessexmind.org

Who can apply?

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be an individual who has lived experience of a mental health problem.
  • Run the activity in a Time to Change hub area (they may not live in the hub area).
  • Be registered as a Time to Change Champion (by the time you deliver your activity/ event).

How much can you apply for?

You can apply for up to £500

What can the fund be used for?

The Champions Fund is a fund to empower people with lived experience of mental health problems to have conversations about mental health with those who do not identify with having lived experience, with the view to eliminating stigma and discrimination in our society.

The Fund can be used to develop and deliver an activity or an event to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination through ‘social contact’. At Time to Change, we define Social Contact as “Conversations that take place between people who have lived experience of mental health problems and those who may not”.

When people talk to each other and establish common ground, prejudices and assumptions are often challenged and replaced with mutual understanding and respect. This can lead to changes in attitudes and behaviours, and our campaign is proving that this is an incredibly effective way to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Activities or events can be delivered as part of a wider event where there will already be a crowd as the idea is to talk to people who wouldn’t necessarily attend a mental health related event.

What kind of things can’t be funded?

We will not fund:

Equipment (i.e. cameras, computers etc.)

Training courses

Salary costs


Activity solely based in a workplace (i.e. not public facing / community based).

Fundraising activities

What are you waiting for, run your own event now, from craft activities to a walking or running event, or just a simply offering free teas and coffees whilst having conversations about mental health in a shopping centre or rail station!  Funds are available for you