Wellbeing And Resilience Mental Health Service – WARMS

WARMS is a service that provides young people and their families support around mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our service is aimed at helping young people early on so you can get help quickly and problems do not get worse. Should you already be accessing EWMHS (Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Service) or social care then you would not be eligible for this particular service, as your care and support will be managed by these specialist services.

Primary Schools Support

We offer individual parent led support around your child’s worries and anxiety and with low level behavioural issues. We also provide parent groups around these topics based on nationally recognised programmes. We will be offering a range of workshops throughout the year around mental health and emotional wellbeing. We offer transition support to pupils that need extra support around change. We also support the school to implement strategies around promoting good mental health and wellbeing.

We are currently working in the following primary schools:

  • Holland Park Primary
  • Holland Haven Primary
  • Kirby Primary
  • Hamford Primary
  • Cann Hall Primary
  • Great Clacton Junior
  • Tendring Primary
  • Ravens Academy

Secondary Schools and College Support

We provide 6-8 weeks of individual sessions to young people around low mood and/or anxiety. We are also able to work with parents/carers to help them understand how to support their young person their intervention.  We will also be running groups about low mood and/or anxiety as well as building resilience. We also run workshops for both young people and parents throughout the year on topics such as exam stress, wellbeing and self-esteem. We will also be helping the school and staff develop further understanding about mental health and promoting wellbeing.

We are currently working in the following schools and colleges:

  • Tendring Technology College
  • Clacton County High School
  • Colchester Sixth Form College
  • Colchester Institute
  • Market Fields Sixth Form  – to be confirmed

More information

If you would like to have a general discussion or get further information about our service you can either access a referral by talking to staff at the schools listed above or you can email warms@mnessexmind.org and one of the senior clinicians will get in touch with you.