We’re a Time to Change Hub!

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Essex has been selected as one of eight areas to tackle mental health stigma locally after winning a bid to become one of 2019’s Time to Change Hubs.

Time to Change East Essex will be joining a network of over 40 Hubs across England to help change the way we all think and act about mental health problems. Made up of Essex County Council, Mid and North East Essex Mind, South East and Central Essex Mind, Basildon Mind, the Tendring Mental Health Hub and Maldon & District CVS and local champions, the Hub will combine the insights of the national Time to Change campaign with local knowledge. They will support communities, workplaces and schools to take action to end negative attitudes and behaviours towards people experiencing mental health problems in their communities.

Stephanie Mills, from Hub Coodinator Mid and North East Essex Mind said “We are thrilled to be starting a Time to Change Hub in the east of Essex. People living with a mental health problem face stigma and discrimination every day. Together with our partners we want to bring this to an end”

Jo Loughran, Director at Time to Change, said: “When 1 in 4 of us will fight a mental health problem in any given year and suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 40, it’s vital that we come together to end mental health stigma. Our network of Time to Change Hubs are able to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination in their community.”

Time to Change, the national campaign run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, launched its first regional Hubs in March 2017.  The announcement of eight further funded Hubs, including East Essex, is part of the campaign’s three year plan to establish a network of Hubs across England to provide a focus for local campaigning work.

Each funded Hub is provided with £15,000 start-up budget along with £10,000 for a Champions Fund where local champions can bid for funding to run stigma busting events and activities within their area. Since their initial launch, Time to Change Hubs have successfully campaigned to end mental health stigma and discrimination. Their work has ranged from stopping a stigmatising theatre show ‘Psycho Asylum’ from touring the country to supporting Time to Talk Day (7 February 2019), running events and delivering campaigns aimed at improving understanding and respect for people living with a mental health problem. There is more information available on the webpage.