We are Mid and North East Essex Mind.
We are your local mental health charity.

We are your local mental health charity. Our mission is to listen to our communities and offer compassionate and inclusive mental health services, resources, and practical support to promote wellbeing for everyone.

About us…

We work in partnership with other local Minds, NHS and local health services, as well as key community organisations and service providers, to reduce health inequalities.

We do this by enhancing the offering for people impacted by mental health and suicide. 

We work with our communities so everyone can understand how to take care of their mental health and get the support they need.

We work to develop and embed inclusive, accessible projects and support services that meet local needs.

We listen, support and advise, pushing for a better deal for everyone experiencing a mental health issue.

We strive to support people of all ages, from young people in schools to older people struggling in isolation.

We provide counselling and outreach services for people with mild to moderate mental health issues.

Such as anxiety, stress and depression as well as those in crisis, who have experienced serious trauma and/or are living with a long term mental health condition.

Our values

Our staff have worked together on a set of values that are most important to us and our service users. These values underpin the way we do everything at Mid and North East Essex Mind and we are really proud of that.

Where we work

If you live in the Tendring, Colchester, Maldon, Braintree and Chelmsford districts you are able to access our services. Not all of our services are currently available across the whole area but we are working hard to change this.

More About Our Services

Do you know the difference between local Mind and national Mind?

We’re Mid and North East Essex Mind, the mental health charity.

We are an independent charity, but we are affiliated to Mind nationally. This means that we meet high quality standards, have the benefits of the experiences and knowledge of a wide network of Mind associations but are able to work locally, to meet local needs. 

There are around 100 local Minds in communities across England and Wales. Each local Mind is unique; we’re independent charities run by local people who understand the needs of our community and tailor our services to match.

We are led by our own board of Trustees and raise our own funds. If you fundraise for your local Mind, the money raised will be spent locally to provide services for people in your area.

If you fundraise for Mind, the money raised will be spent nationally to further the work of Mind across England and Wales.

Nationally, Mind campaigns to raise awareness, promote understanding and drive change.

Mind is also the first point of call for information and advice to empower millions of people every year.

Together, we won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

This video helps to explain how local Mind associations, like Mid and North East Essex Mind, support their communities. 

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