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Employment Advice Service 

Employment support for people living with a mild to moderate mental health problem who need help with employment issues they may be facing.

Are you looking for work, or facing problems at work?


When we feel anxious, depressed, and low in mood we tend to avoid doing the things that will help us. Our service provides Employment Advisors who support with information, advice, and guidance to anyone in the north east Essex aged 16+ living with mild to moderate mental health and employment difficulties. We work to empower those we are supporting to make better decisions about their lives, whether finding new employment or facing problems at work. This service is available through Therapy For you, and offers a combined package of therapeutic and employment support.


Our employment service can support in a range of ways, including:

  • Find suitable employment
  • Supporting people in work or to return to work following time off
  • Support to improve the working environment
  • To leave work and find more suitable, alternative employment opportunities
  • To retire from work
Alongside this, we can also provide basic advice and guidance on money, such as claiming benefits that you may be entitled to.

We are a short-term service with and will also support to refer on for more specialist services if necessary. We can support you face to face, on the phone or virtually.

How do I get help?


If you live in north east Essex (Colchester and Tendring districts) and are looking for therapy and employment support, you can get help from our Employment Advisors through Therapy For you, which is part of the NHS Talking Therapies. You can refer by making a referral on their website or by phone on 01206 334001 or by asking your GP to refer you.

Therapy For You offers free and confidential talking therapy for those with mild to moderate anxiety or depression.