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21 January 2024


Body Positivity

by Annabelle Martin

January, 2024. Let’s start off the New Year right. So…*Looks into mirror.* New Year, New Me right?? 


Now I reckon quite a few of us maybe put on a pound or two over the festive break. And that’s totally natural. BUT!! What shouldn’t be natural in my opinion is to look at ourselves and think: “Eww, look at me!! I look disgusting!! I need to lose this NOW!!” Truth is, you don’t. Yes, we all put on a little bit of weight over Christmas, but it comes off naturally as the seasons change. We need to STOP being so negative about our bodies and love ourselves the way we are!! Be Body Positive!!


Body Positivity: “The mind-set that everyone is worthy of love and a positive body image, regardless of how the media and society tries to define beauty or the ideal body type.” So in other words, love that you’re tall, short, petit size, mid-size and plus size too!!! Just love YOU and all your sizes and curves. In the words of Meghan Trainor: “Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top!!”

When people are negative about their weight, it affects their self-worth, confidence and esteem. According to surveys taken by Mental Health Foundation: 79% of 11–16-year-olds in the UK said how they look is important to them, and over half (52%) often worry about how they look. Another survey said that 35% of young people aged 13–19, said their body image causes them to ‘often’ or ‘always’ worry and that 46% of girls reported that their body image causes them to worry ‘often’ or ‘always’ compared to 25% of boys.

In young people, body dissatisfaction has been linked to risk-taking behaviour’s and mental health problems. One survey of UK adolescents by Be Real found that 36% agreed they would do ‘whatever it took’ to look good, with 57% saying they had considered going on a diet and 10% saying they had considered cosmetic surgery. (, 2023)

Higher body dissatisfaction is associated with a poorer quality of life, psychological distress and the risk of unhealthy eating behaviours’ and eating disorders. (Mental Health Foundation, 2019) Once you get into the unhealthy style of eating such as not eating enough, or purging the food you have just eaten to stay ‘Thin’ It’s very hard to get away from and can cause physical, emotional and major damage to your mental wellbeing.

So I would like the reader of this Article to do a favour for me:

Take a look at you and instead of saying what you hate, say or write down something that you love. Could be ANYTHING!! Your eyes, smile, hair, the way you walk. One thing per day and I assure you that list will grow and grow!! Because you are beautiful. Always have been and always will be. leave all the body hate in 2023 cause it’s a New Year, New Start. So start loving you and all you are, and in the words of Bruno Mars: You’re AMAZING just the way you are!! (2024.). Body image in childhood. [online] Available at: Accessed 5th January 2024.
Mental Health Foundation (2019). Body image report – executive summary. [online] Available at: Accessed 5th January 2024 


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