Introducing The Mental Health Toolkit, The Essentials

Mid and North East Essex Mind is introducing a brand new training offering to the Mid & North East Essex community—the Mental Health Toolkit. 

The Mental Health Toolkit has been developed by Suffolk Mind to help people manage their own mental wellbeing. The training programme has gained some impressive results. 98% of people who’ve undertaken the course found it worthwhile, 97% planned to support themselves with their mental health post training, whilst 92% wanted to share their new skills with team members at work.

The Mental Health Toolkit: The Essentials is an award-winning and interactive online workshop that provides a foundation for wellbeing in your workplace.

The half-day session takes you through the Mental Health Continuum – the spectrum of mental health that we are all on – and introduces you to the Emotional Needs & Resources approach.

Unmet emotional needs trigger symptoms of mental ill health. Understanding how to meet them helps you understand what you need to be well, and enables you to take care of yourself and those around you.

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